“Know Your Barber” (feat. Michael Regino)


We’re beyond grateful to be a part of the amazing community of Austin, and to witness this city’s continued growth over the past six (!) years. From the day we opened our doors, we always wanted to be a social hub for the exchange of ideas, opinions, and perspectives – a safe space for every person, from any walk-of-life, to come in and immediately be accepted into our family with open arms.

Along the way, we noticed that trust is a fundamental aspect of building a relationship, and as anybody who gets a haircut from one of our excellent (and interesting) barbers already knows, describing that experience as a “relationship” isn’t being grandiose.

Which brings us to a new series we’re releasing called “Know Your Barber”. You’ve all done us the honor of trusting us and letting us get to know you each time you’ve come into the shop, or sat in the barber chair for a haircut. So we thought it’d only be fair to reciprocate that trust and tell ya’ll a little about each of us. “Know Your Barber” showcases each and every barber that works at SHED, with the intention of shedding a light (pun intended) on the person behind the chair.

First up, is the guy at the reigns of this wild ride: co-owner and barber Michael Regino. Everybody that’s lucky enough to call Michael a friend is already aware of the loving positivity and enigmatic vision that he unwaveringly provides to every person in his presence, but if you don’t know already: here’s a little glimpse.

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