Brand Introduction: Surf is Dead


Close your eyes and imagine the classic motif that is beach culture: Fitted boardshorts, surfboards sticking out of the sand, empty mai tai glasses, bonfires strewn about, the scent of sea salt and cedarwood filling the air…

Surf is Dead is none of that.

Expressive of a particular disdain for the played out obligatory tropes of beach life, Surf is Dead offers another perspective of the way things could – and arguably, should – be.

With graphic application that’s on par with luxury counterparts, they’ve managed to maintain their DIY roots which allows each piece to stand out on it’s own as something special.

Abrasive graphics with eye-catching color contrasts are a staple of everything Surf is Dead produces; t-shirts that not only intrigue everyone that comes across them, but denote a sense of intrigue and curiosity – most people have an idealistic view of what surf culture is, but Surf is Dead aims to tell the truth, and it’s that expression of authenticity that shines through in everything they create.

Oh, “How Bazaar”